La Ti Da is a New York based collective of women filmmakers with distinct voices, complimentary skills and a common passion for storytelling.   We develop and craft work that ranges from aesthetically striking and formally innovative narrative films and music videos, to comedic web series and high quality and original branded content.

The name "La Ti Da" is not only a play on Annie Hall's famous expression "oh, la di da, la di da,"  but also a play on the metaphors of the notes in a musical scale going from one octave to the next - La is the vision, Ti is the grace rising above, and Do is the higher desire - the first desire is within and the second desire is above.  

La Ti Da is the vision of rising above - the higher vision.



Stay Tuned for Cine-Club...

La Ti Da is hosting works-in-progress screenings in collaboration with Pioneer Works in  Red Hook, Brooklyn. 

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Pioneer Works, 159 Pioneer St, Brooklyn, NY 11231